Gold Coast Airport

The Gold Coast Airport.

The Gold Coast Airport, formerly known as the Coolangatta Airport is currently undergoing a $100 million refurbishment.
The runways span 5 suburbs, half are in the state of Queensland and half in the state of  NSW. In the summer months, these two states run on different time zones – NSW, on daylight savings time runs one hour ahead of  Queensland. This is an important fact to remember when dealing with time tables. Just remember the Airport runs on Queensland time NOT daylight savings time when making connections to any NSW destinations.

To me the airport is unrecognizable today from the first time I landed here at age 9 in 1956. Unescorted on a trip to join my mother vacationing on the Gold Coast it was my first flight ever. After departing from the sophisticated Sydney Airport, my arrival at the Coolangatta Airport seemed a little shabby.

The “Fokker F27 Friendship” had landed on the tarmac runway a small distance to the tin shed which housed the airport terminal in those days.
The first thing that struck me as I entered the building, was that it seemed altogether devoid of people. For a frightening moment I thought I had landed at the wrong airport. Thankfully , only after a few moments I heard my mother calling to me from the far side of the terminal. I was able to run to her outstreched  welcoming arms without passing another soul.

Today it is a bustling cheerful airport with all the modern facilities needed  to cater for the ever growing traffic to  the tourist capital of Australia.

To find out more about  travel links, airlines etc visit the official Gold Coast Airport  site.

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