The Brisbane Airport.


Brisbane Airport has two passenger terminals.

International terminal

The International Terminal has 10 parking bays served by aerobridges, and this will increase as a result of ongoing expansion to the northern side of the existing building.

The International Terminal has 4 levels:

  • Level 1 houses airlines, baggage handlers and tourism operator, 
  • Level 2 handles arrivals, 
  • Level 3 houses the departure lounge, 
  • Level 4 houses departure Check-in.

Aircraft handled by the International Terminal include 737, 747, 767, 777, A320, A330 and A340.

Domestic Terminal

The Domestic Terminal has three distinct areas serving:

  •  Qantas and Qantaslink at the northern end of the building, 
  • Virgin Blue at the southern end of the building, 
  • Other carriers such as Jetstar and Macair are located in the centre at the common user section.

The Qantas concourse has 9 bays served by aerobridges including 1 served by a dual bridge. The Virgin Blue concourse has 7 parking bays served by aerobridges (all single bridges). The central part of the terminal has no aerobridges.

Jet aircraft handled by the Domestic Terminal include Qantas 737, 767 and A330, Virgin Blue 737, and Jetstar A320.

Remote bays are located to the north and south of the building (serving non-jet aircraft), and in the central area (serving jet aircraft).

Information concerning, flights, bookings, customs, duty free, lounges, interactive route map, etc. BRISBANE AIRPORT

There is  a museum containing the original aircraft, along with a memorial for
Charles Kingford Smith who landed here on June 9, 1928, after completing the
first trans-pacific flight in his Fokker F.VII, the Southern Cross.

Southern Cross airplane

The Southern Cross in 1943

Brisbane airport as seen from space

Brisbane Airport as seen from space.

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