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Possums on the Gold Coast

Possums are small marsupials with brown or grey fur, ranging in size and weight from the length of a finger or 170 grams (6 ounces) (pygmy possums and wrist-winged gliders), to the length of 120 centimeters (four feet) or 14.5 kilograms (32 pounds) (brushtails and ringtails). All possums are nocturnal and omnivorous, hiding in a nest in a hollow tree or in the roof of buildings during the day and coming out during the night to forage for food.


They become tame very quickly if hand fed with fruit and are very territorial. They say that if you want to get rid of Possums from your house, they need to be taken across water to prevent them from returning.
Making sure that there are no easy entry points on your roof and fitting metal guards to mains and phone wires prevent possums from invading your house.

Possums in the home can become a real nuisance. My uncles wine collection was destroyed by Possums uncorking his vintage wine!

Possums in the garden will become quite friendly once they come to trust you, they are cheeky and curious animals. Having a female come and introduce you to her tiny baby is a true delight.

There are about 64 different types of Possums, the most common being the Brushtail and common Ringtail.

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