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Local Stories & People Of The Gold Coast

Generally speaking the people who live on the Gold Coast are very relaxed and friendly. It is as though the great climate with plenty of sunshine has permeated into the very core of the people who live here.


meter maid Where else in the world can you find beautiful gold bikini clad girls,
 [Meter Maids], who will top up your parking meter so that you won’t get a parking fine? Introduced by local businessman Bernie Elsey in 1965, the Meter Maids are still walking their beat around Surfers Paradise streets in 2009.

In the 60’s they used to insert sixpence into the parking meters. Nowadays they have to insert 20cents and are as popular with tourists and locals as they ever were.
The money they use to pay your expired parking meter is supplied by local business people and magazines.

Over the years the role of the Meter Maid has grown to be a mobile information source and an ambassador for tourism on the Gold Coast streets.
In 1987 the Mayor, Sir Bruce Small went on a promotional campaign with the Meter Maids, after a destructive cyclone had hit the coast.
The campaign was a great success and is reputed to be the most successful Public Relations campaign for the Gold Coast to this day.

So when you want some local information on the Gold Coast, ask a Meter Maid.

surf lifesaverThe Surf Lifesaver An Australian Icon.
Usually Volunteering two days a week
these heroes of the beaches on the Gold Coast keep close watch on our safety in the water. Trained to rescue and resuscitate they keep a close watch on people swimming between the yellow flags on beaches of the Gold Coast.

They are also great ambassadors for Australia as keen competitors at surfing events.
The pinnacle of surf life saving competition is the LightIce Australian Surf Life Saving Championships. Held over four days on the Gold Coast in Queensland, the championships attract more than 7,500 competitors ranging from veteran greats of the surf to young champions in the making, as well as established stars like Olympic kayaking gold medallist Clint Robinson.

An embodiment of Aussie mate-ship, Surf lifesavers have become an Australian icon.
A democratic community which accepts anybody over the age of 18 who has qualified the training criterea into their ranks.

These men and woman often put their own lives at risk to accomplish a rescue.
Please make their job a little easier by heeding their warnings and only swim between the safety flags.

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