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Gold Coast Birds

A lorikeet taking a snack of gum blossoms in our backyard.

We love the many and varied beautiful birds on the Gold Coast. Click on the image above to see many more photos taken by Ian Walker, a published nature photographer on the Gold Coast.

Our backyard is home to many of these wonderful birds found in abundance on the Gold Coast in Southeast Queensland, Australia.

I awake to hear the warbling, chirping, whistling and delightful songs of a great variety of birds every morning. It is usually the Kookaburras that herald the day each dawn with their UUU hah hah hah ku ku ku laughter. Followed by the beautiful song of the Currawong, the occasional screech of a white cockatoo and the incessant chatter of the Lorikeets. The pink Galas look on in haughty silence, as if to say what a lot of fuss over nothing, until there is a lull – then they raise their white crests and let out a screech – to start up a  renewed chorus from all the birds in the neighborhood.
Listening to these birds and seeing them in flight against our brilliant clear blue skies makes me glad to be alive.

Just a couple of days ago, I was by our garbage bin when some rustling under the palms alerted me to a brush turkey chick. Yes we get the occasional Brush Turkey wandering into our yard from the nearby bush – but this was the first time I spotted a chick – so cute!

brush turkey chick

Tourists to the Gold Coast get plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with the bird population here as well. See the  Sanctuaries section on this site for more information.

On the beaches, rivers and wetlands of the Gold Coast  you will  see a lot of diverse bird life as well. The Maroon and white Sea Eagles, Albatross, Pelican and seagulls – just to mention a few, abound along the waterways.

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