Eucalyptus distribution map
The Natural world distribution of Eucalyptus. They have subsequently been introduced to many parts of the world.
Eucalyptus is a genus of trees with more than 700 species, mostly native to Australia.
The first botanical collections known to be made of the Eucalypts were in 1770 by Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander when they arrived at Botany Bay in Australia with Captain Cook. Then near the Endeavor River in Northern Queensland.
The word Eucalyptus comes from the Greek language “eu” = well, “calyptus”= covered. In reference to the bud cap, covering the the flowers which falls off as the flowers open.
Most of the Australian bush is made up of a wide variety Eucalypts. The terms, Gum Trees, Gum Nuts, Gum Leaves and Gum Blossoms are all common references to Eucalypts in Australia.

Eucalyptus Microcorys
Eucalyptus Globulus

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