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Boat Cruises On The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a boating paradise with over 260 kilometres of navigational waterways within the city. That is nine times more than in the city of Venice.
Convenient access to the Pacific Ocean makes it ideal for those wanting a taste of  deep-sea fishing as well.The major river area is the Nerang River. Most of the land mass between the coastal strip and the Great Dividing Range in the west [localy known as the ‘Hinterland’] are reclaimed wetlands or swamps which used to drain into the Nerang river. The swamps having been converted into man made canals creating a maze of waterways – a real boating and water sports haven.

Artificial islands have been developed between the canals which are covered with elegant homes. The high rise city buildings sit on a narrow sandbar separating the ocean from the canal developments.


coastal strip looking south - gold coast aus

The Gold Coast Looking South to Coolangatta with the Nerang river on the right.


gold coast looking north

Gold coast  looking north with the Nerang river and the man made Chevron Island on the left.


gold coast aus canal

Houses and boat moorings along the canals. There are no effluents discharged into the canals on the gold Coast making it a fishing haven. The clean water  and plentiful fish make it home to the sharks as well – so definitely no jumping overboard for a quick dip here. There are plenty of safe patrolled swimming spots on the Gold Coast for that refreshing dip.

gold coast aus arial view

An aerial view of the waterways covering just three suburbs around broadbeach on the Gold Coast.

With so many waterways the Gold Coast City Council has made provisions for boat enthusiasts by placing public boat ramps, jetties, pontoons and fishing facilities in strategic locations. Publications of these locations and more information can be found here. Boating Rules and Information.

View the webcam live ‘Seaway Spit’

There are many boat cruises available on the Gold Coast and surrounds:

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