Gold Coast Australia

This site is all about the Gold Coast situated in South East Queensland Australia, presented by a local, for those who are looking to travel to this great destination.

If you are a first time traveler to Australia - make sure to check our travel tips.

Having traveled Australia and the world extensively, I know what an advantage it is to have a local show you around any country.
I have been a regular visitor to the Gold Coast since 1956 and a permanent resident since the year 2000.

I invite you to browse through this site to see the Gold Coast through my eyes.

I will attempt to show you all the things to see and do when you visit and hopefully be able to instil the atmosphere of the place and the character of the people accurately within these pages.

Australia is a vast and very beautiful continent. The Gold Coast is a little jewel amongst many that Australia has to offer, admired by all who visit.

The Gold Coast caters to the most discerning visitor who seeks the highest standard of luxury as well as the very budget conscious visitor and backpackers alike.

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